Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sick and Tired

And tired and sick.

Totally not how I wanted to spend the first 80 degree sunshine-y days that us SoCal'ers are experiencing after the long, cold, wet winter.

Yes, I have become a weather wimp.


Each day I am feeling a bit I even took a shower.

And then napped for 2 hours.

Oh...and made supper. Scrambled eggs and bacon, which not one of my houseful ever complains about eating.

So please excuse me...I now need another nap.



  1. Glad you're starting to feel better! Today it is supposed to be 68 and sunny...quite a bit above normal. Wouldn't you know, though, it's supposed to snow when my spring break starts this weekend. Yuck!

  2. 80? Crazy. Supposed to be 70 here the next couple of days. Before more rain, but 70 is good.
    At least you are slowly recovering-showering is a good sign, plus the family won't ask you to leave because of the odor.....just kidding.
    Not a great St. Patty's Day for you. We had a potluck at work and so I have had corned beef twice in one week. I LOVE corned beef-so it has been a good week. Hang in there.


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