Monday, March 15, 2010

It Caught Me

Sunday we drove to Portillo's after church and once there, I realized I just couldn't eat one more heavy meal.


Couldn't do it.

So while the fam feasted on Italian beef, some with sweet peppers and some with hot and some with none at all...I had a calorie laden garbage salad.

The name is disturbing...and so is the fact that I wished it had had garbanzo beans in it.

And I don't like garbanzo beans unless they are turned into hummus, which is one of those foods I could happily live on.

But other than the missing garbanzo's, it was fabulous.

The afternoon brought my niece Maddie's 7th birthday party. The family gathered for a pizza celebration...and Uncle M stole the best seat in the house, surrounded by his favorite short people.
It's the Monday after the time change, and the boys in our little house struggled to get out of bed this morning.

As for me, I ran and ran and no avail.

The crud has caught up with me (thanks for sharing, loves!) so I am home on the couch with DayQuil. I must say, I feel absolutely lousy. Really, really lousy. I did run out for the essentials...milk and juice and cereal, but other than that I am going no where.

The following movies are in the DVD player...Julie and Julia, Sleepless in Seattle, Sabrina and 2 walking DVD's that I'll skip right over today. I've got my tissues and my tea and my remote...just wishing I could get an order of hummus delivered.

And who craves hummus when they have the flu?

What a weirdo.



  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. of my all time favorites...sounds like rest and hummus is just what the doctor ordered!

  3. I am so sorry you have the crud! Not right or fair. But. being able to go to the couch with those movies is good. Watch and nap and nap and watch. Great movies. I am with you on the hummus. Have you tried the avocado and pesto hummus? I too love hummus. What are your favorite pita chips? I am into the Trader Joe's reduced guilt variety. Mmmm.
    Birthday party looked great!
    Get better.


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