Sunday, February 28, 2010


Weekends drag on forever when that guy that I like so much is out of town.

Especially when it rains.

We went to Target. We went to Taco Bell. We went to Macy's. We went to church. We went to Maggiano's.


Brian bought a new hat and I asked to take a picture of him. He (as usual) agreed.

And this says it all:

Brotherly love.


(Oh...and 953 is the number of posts I've done. Crazy!)


  1. Hey, Michele-where was tour this year? You had a good weekend-just a 'different' weekend. I feel badly that I am just now 'catching up' with you-953 posts is incredible. I do take time to peruse the back posts sometimes. Good life. Thank you for sharing. Sorry about your crossing guard incidents lately. Some people have, literally, no sense of reality or perspective. I felt so badly for you. jerks. Happy second week of Lent.

  2. You could have at least had Brian wipe his face before you took the picture!

  3. Kathy...tour this spring is just northern CA, but May brings Italy. Italy! They're singing at St Peter's for the Pope. Also Assissi...which I heard thru the grapevine (you!) has an escalator to the top, Lucca, Venice and Florence. Quite a few chorale members are going this time around, too. Can you imagine the fun if we went together?? HINT!


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