Friday, February 26, 2010


This is going to be the post in which I rant and rave and moan and groan.

Just letting you know ahead of time.

  • I have spent the week trying to work with people who have no desire to be worked with. I have been cussed at, belittled, ignored, and told I was a 'young idiot'. (that was my personal fave, since I have a son leaving teen-hood tomorrow.) From crossing guards. Yep, your friendly neighborhood crossing guards. Today after being called a name that I myself have never even uddered (shocker), I climbed in my car, drove a few blocks and cried. Like a young idiot.
  • I tweaked my back last night playing Dr Mario. Dr Mario, you ask? Isn't that a game that you play sitting down and don't move any muscle except your eyeballs and thumbs? I looked over my shoulder and felt something pull. Oh, and it's not just my husband who is out of chiropractor is too.
  • I ran into Costco to return some shorts I had bought for Brian. Had two things on my list...eggs and 1/2 and 1/2. Bought eggs and forgot the jug of 1/2 and 1/2. Drove home, grabbed the eggs and dropped all 18 of them in the street in front of my house.
Whew. There you have it. All will be well.



  1. I am available for sympathy 24/7
    this is gonna be a long weekend for you

  2. oh-and you really need to quit that job now

  3. For the first sentence or so I though you were talking about your children

  4. You can threaten them that if they don't behave you will put them in a wheel chair and abandon them in an emergency room somewhere.

    Tell them they are just jealous because YOU can buy green bananas!


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