Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feeling Sappy

I love the campus where my husband is green and hilly and tucked away (many in our own city don't even know it is there) and quiet (during quiet hours) and just....beautiful.

All the buildings are similar, except my husbands office...which resembles Space Mountain.

But most of all...I love his students. Past, present...all of them.


Just feeling sappy today.

This week has been freakishly cold here.

Yes, freakishly.

40 degrees yesterday morning in my car.

40. Degrees.

In southern California.

The land of 'sunny and fair.'

But here is what I love about where I live...Monday (a holiday for all except private universities!) is supposed to be sunny. And warm.

Really warm.

Not sure my toes are going last until then!
Something amazing happened on Tuesday evening. My #35, emerged from the clouds.

Not literally, you know.

But bombarded with knee injuries and self doubt and lackluster guidance (I refuse to go'll remove my sappiness), I took matters into my hands.

We were home alone on Monday night for a little bit, discussing heavy topics like The Bachelor and being a middle child and Italy, all while dipping our ginormous spoons into a bowl of cookie dough...and I slyly brought up basketball.

"hey...what's going on with you on the court?"

(how's that for sly?)

"whaddya mean?"

(he's 16, remember. grammar'll come. ok, maybe not.)

"'re kinda playin' sorta...I you're bored. or tired. or disinterested."

(how's that for beating around the bush?)

He talked about what he was feeling and why and I gave him advice.

(It's important to remember that I have never played basketball a day in my life, mind you.)

I told him to do what he does. Skip all those outside shots. Drive the ball in. Take it to the board. Grab that stinkin' rim.

(and a bunch of other things that I thought made sense, but by his body language (rolling on the floor laughing hysterically) I am not sure how much sense they made, but to me they did...and that's all that counts, eh?)


Fast forward to the next night. Alex's team had an away game and we drove in the rain to watch. And watch we did. We watched our Alex...the boy who LOVES to play basketball, PLAY BASKETBALL.

It was so fun.

On the car ride home, that guy that I like so much said, "I'm glad my talk with him last night worked."

"YOUR talk?"

"Yep...I told him to start playing like he knows how to play. That he could do it."

So I guess we inadvertently submarined the kid. But it worked.



  1. This is a stretch and pretty random. I found your blog from Jonah's Auction Facebook fan page, then I read about something being straight from the OC and then you said something about where you husband teaches being "hilly" and people around don't even know it exists. The picture looks the CUI, in Irvine, if not stop reading now, but I went their my freshmen year of college (loved it but left it for young love) and before I even saw the picture I was thinking in my mind, "Sounds like Concordia, nobody in Irvine ever knew what I was talking about when I said I went there," and then I saw that picture that looks like the chapel. Sorry for the randomness (I am such a non commenter that I can't even believe I just wrote all that), just seemed liked a small world!

  2. Notice they put the music people in the spacey looking building.


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