Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Day Is It?

There's nothing like the afternoon sun...

...and a comfy bed.

Today was one of those days.

Not necessarily a no good very bad day, but more of a depressingly sourpuss kind of day.

I did one of those good deeds that ended up making the other person feel great and left me feeling awful.

Oh well...glad I could help and listen to hour after hour with no way out about how horrible her childhood was and now how horrible her adult life is.

At one point I just wanted to run screaming from the room while yanking out clumps of my hair, but instead I listened and listened and listened.

And came home and made the largest pan of brownies you have ever seen.

Whatever it takes.


Other than that, I took my car in for a wash.  Got gas.  Picked up a bucket of pumpkin bagels.  Answered a slew of emails.  Did my Meals on Wheels run and then the above mentioned good deed.  Made brownies and licked the bowl.  Made a really cute necklace for my sister-in-law (Joanna...=0).  Facebooked with Matthew about why he is not going to get a motorcycle and to stop riding on the back of Sam's, like that'll do anything.  Drove Bribear to soccer.  Played gin rummy with Alex.  Drank 1 1/2 diet cokes followed by 1 margarita.  Made sloppy joe's for supper...poor M.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Danced one dance with M to Frank Sinatra. Quized Bri for his science test tomorrow and listened all about class today and how they dissected a chicken wing.  Tried not to listen closely while pretending to listen closely.  Watched last weeks Dirty Sexy Money and laughed.  Alot.  


Three nights ago in the middle of the night, I heard my phone beeping on the kitchen counter.  It was text sent at midnight (all together now....MIDNIGHT????) from Matthew.  Nothing major...he was just saying 'hi'.


Two nights ago at 4:16am, my phone (once again on the counter) rings.  4:16am.  Fortunately, this was before I knew about the motorcycle gig, but I bolted out of bed in a panic to answer it.

It was Alex calling me.

Except Alex was asleep in his bed.


Turns out he rolled over on his phone which then redialed the last number he had called, which was me.  Lucky, lucky me.

I seriously thought about calling him back, but then I grew up and thought about it.


SO....last night my phone once again starts beeping, this time at 1:36am.

It's Matthew, texting that he is missing my pesto.  Pesto.  At 1:36am. 


I did text him back at 6:30am and now we are on the same page.



  1. You can't complain about the late hours Matthew is texting you - after all, you want him to communicate with you! Weren't you crying that you would miss him???

    Why don't you try turning off your cell phone at night? :)

  2. We know all about those middle of the night texts. Well, at least it's the middle of the night to us. I'm not sure what the middle of the night is when the usual bedtime for a college student is 2:30 a.m. I love the early morning text idea!

    And to my dear sister: Many of us use the alarm clock function on our cell phones. Mine even has a snooze feature :)

  3. uh oh. Hope I wasn't the person you were talking about..did I complain too much??? ME??


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