Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Saturday morning soccer and a chance to catch up with friends on the field.  

So cute...and they won 5-0.  Not fun for the other team, though.

M and Alex were a few towns north for a basketball game at the same time.  They also won, so it was a happy ride home.


Let's see....Alex had some friends over for a game of football, home for supper and now they are off to see a movie.  I just bought their tickets to Knott's Scary Farm tomorrow school on Monday and this is the 1st year we are letting him go.  I get the honor of picking them up at midnight, which is actually a true honor...I'll have a carload and will get to hear all the gory details.

I like that.

Brian had a pool party in our nippy 70 degree weather...he came home tonight wet and cold and sniffly.  Even a hot bath didn't help...but a comfy blanket and a cat sure did.



  1. 70 degrees is nippy? I can tell you have been in California for a very long time. I remember when you first moved there and laughed at people for bundling up when it got down into the 60s. Now you are one of them! Your years in Colorado must be a very distant memory.

    Of course, I have gotten much fonder of the heat as I've gotten older and will take 80s over 60s (or colder) any day. I don't know if it's the warm summer days I love or just being off school. And I DON'T get Columbus Day off : (

  2. I would like to say that I have a VERY generous cousin. She has shared with me this week. She has sent some mice across the country to invade my house. Now if she would like to remove all photos of her mice, maybe mine would disappear from my kitchen, too (with the help of some Decon packets).


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