Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

The Santa Ana's blew in with a vengeance last night, but the only difference this time was that we didn't hear them.

Gotta love windows that don't shake and rattle every time the wind blows.

I was even up late last night...Alex went to Knotts Scary Farm with the team until late, late, late.

Or early, early, early...1am early.  He had fun but was tired and cold when he came home...and my girlfriend who took them was completely freaked out by how scary it was.

Better her than me...I like happy and sappy, not scary!

Anyway, this morning while making chocolate chip pancakes, the winds tried to blow down our little house.

They succeeded at blowing the glass off the chandelier.

There is now glass all over our patio...nothing a lot of sweeping can't take care of.
A tree around the corner blew over and the leaves that were green yesterday are now brown.  Welcome to Fall!
Late Friday night we were 'chalked'.  Kids wrote all over our sidewalk with chalk, knocked on the door and ran.  Much better than toilet paper or string.
Poor sunflowers didn't stand a chance in the heat today.  The kitties were miserable, too.
The new valances.  Love, love, love them!
The boys had no school today, so there was much rejoicing.  I had to go to my tax meeting...nothing like holding out for the very last minute.  Full time church workers get lots of benefits, but it's lots of work.

Carried in my shoebox full of receipts and an hour later walked out really, really poor.  Year 2 of being hit hard...year 2 of coming home and making really yummy comfort food and trying to forget all about it.  At least until I mail the check on Wednesday.

Other than that, we all hung out for much of today and watched a video of when we visited Columbus' house in Genova.  And for the record, Genova and Geneva look alike on a train schedule but are actually two different places in two different countries...

M had to work...not only all day, but he is working tonight, too.  Poor guy.

Gotta make all that money to give to the government.


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