Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Little Break

Following a PTA meeting, bible study, a luncheon, early dismissal for Brian (1pm), a parent/teacher conference for Brian (easy, peasy), re-do of the schools by-laws, typed a letter home for the book fair, delivered by-laws and letter to PTA presidents house, made a pizza for the boys, hopped in the car and drove my favorite street.

Towards the ocean.


With that guy that I like so much.  Even better.  It wasn't a relaxing ride...more like a business meeting in a car, but we had lots of scheduling issues to work out.  But still...we were headed to the beach.
Actually, to Sage...which is across the street from the beach.  It was a chance to do happy hour at the bar with friends and sit and talk about everything except for how much we owe on our taxes on the 15th.
Had to have some food, too...the crab cakes were unbelievable.  So was the wine.  And the chatter.  
Dessert was yummy, too.  Felt like a mini vacation in the middle of the week!
Home in time to do stories and prayers and bed times with the boys, then a chance to watch ER from a few weeks back.  I'm sure we'll make it through our TiVo list by next summer.

Today is going to be another hot one...mid 90's and dryer than dry.  It's fire season and scary, but so far all is well as far as that goes.  Praise God.

I have to clean up my desk...between taxes and PTA and book fair and bible study...yowza.

Also on my list...pick up the dry cleaning, coffee at Peet's (beans, ground, flat bottom gold filter, please), a trip to the nursery with a chunk of my azalea tree that looks like it is dying, and if I have time...a drive to my favorite antique store for a non-buying look around.

Oh, and I have to sign my taxes at the accountant so they can be e-filed today and write a check for a ton of money.  And weep.

Supper tonight will be short ribs with garlic smashed potatoes and whatever green veggie looks good at the farm stand.  Did I mention that it is in the 90's?

I'm going to flip on that AC and cook a long cooking meal in my oven.  So there, mother nature.  Enough hot weather's October!



  1. If you're looking for a tax break, how about adopting a bunch more kids? I have 3 teenagers I could send your way.

  2. Ahhh...I too am a Peet's fan. I'm quite sad we don't have a Peet's here. :(

    Yesterday at work I shared your blog with a coworker because she loves food as much as I do. We sat for about 10 minutes oohhhing and ahhhing at the pics of your most recent meals and adventures. :)


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