Monday, October 20, 2008


Harvest Cup...the annual soccer games between all of our city's elementary schools.  Our 5th and 6th grade boys played hard but lost on Sunday morning.  They were bummed...but that loss did save us from 3 more games that day.

OOPS...did I say that?


Friday,  M had off, so we hit Costco.  Yowza.  I am pretty sure this is a record for us and I am pretty sure my debit card has a $500.00 limit.  Ouch.  Wouldn't have been so bad (over $100 is going to be returned...Matthew needed some pants and the price was good but I wasn't sure of his current size.  I might have the only kid who lost the freshman 15...) EXCEPT we came home to a BROKEN oven.

We can keep relighting it with a lighter...scary...and someone needs to stick around it to make sure it stays on.  Basically, when you smell gas, open the door, light the lighter, hear the poof, check for burnt eyebrows, double check homeowners policy, wait 10 minutes and do it all over again.



I just pulled up a little stool and sat there, reading all my magazines while the braciola I made for supper cooked.  


Nothing like a plate of half eaten food, huh?

Alex invited 3 friends over to's becoming a trend now, and these kids EAT LOTS.  I like that.  

This picture just made me smile...Brian in his jammies spinning a broomstick.  


Why not!
Maggie likes to sleep tucked away in the funniest place...she was even in my hamper the other day.  Have I mentioned how much I love my cats?
Saturday night, M hooked up a bunch of stuff and we surfed.  

The web, I mean.


I really dunno.  But we did plan our dream trip to Lucca and Lari (not happening as long as there are children in college) and watched a weird Al youtube video about a drive thru that made us laugh really hard.  Must've been the 2nd bottle of wine.
This morning the stove guy came and had the unfortunate job of telling me it was going to be an $800.00 repair...I am pretty sure I didn't even pay that much for it 8 years ago.

I thanked him and sent him on his way.

It's OK...I have a lighter and I haven't used hairspray in over a decade, so I'm pretty sure my hair isn't as flammable as it would have been in the 80's.



  1. We just bought a new stove from Home Depot for $600, watch the sales!

  2. Let's all go to xerxes' house for dinner - they have a new stove!

  3. It IS nice to have an oven again after months of making do with a stove top. I did make a turkey tetrazzini last week with some help from Kate, and I've made cookies, muffins, and zucchini bread. However, it's usually a very quick and healthy stovetop dinner thrown together after work and then working out. It's like Quick Cooking's dinner in 20 minutes or less. Maintaining the new body wins out over fancy cooking!


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