Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day in the Life...Tuesday

I spent the morning at home catching up on laundry and some jewelry orders while the installers installed the new blinds and valances.

Got a call from that guy I like so much at 12:15 telling me he was hungry, which turned into a lunch invite.

Love those.

When he picked me up he was kinda sorta grumpy.  Plus, it's October something or other and it was 95 outside, so I was kinda sorta grumpy, too.
Climbed into his car and drove on our way.
Actually, we only drove for 5 minutes to Strawberry Farms.  It's a hidden gem with amazing salads and an even more amazing view.
Kept driving past the pumpkin patch, which was packed in the 90 something or other degree weather.  Sick and wrong.
Drove up the hill...his college is right next door, on the other side of the scorched hill.

Pulled up and parked by the barn.  The restaurant has a wide veranda and you sit and watch the people tee off....which today was packed because of a golf tourney.

Poor was so HOT.

It's fun for M to go there...his grandparents belonged to a country club when he was growing up and he has fun stories of dinners and golf and parties there.

Makes him want to golf again.

We ran to Trader Joe's after, which is not a good idea with a now happy and relaxed husband.  I needed cranberry juice and $173 later we were back in the car.

Afterschool, Brian had friends over, Alex had friends over and in the end, we had friends over for supper and a bottle of champagne.  Love that.



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