Monday, October 6, 2008


It was a weekend that was non-stop...not quite sure how M is functioning at this point.

Sunday afternoon was the annual hymnfest...the 1st one where Matthew was singing and the zillionth (well, close anyway) one his dad was conducting.


My boys...Bri was there, too, but had run off to find his daddy.

And yes, child #2 is now taller than child #1.
Matthew and Monique...just friends, but she has a special place in my heart!
Today is full, too.  Coffee is not helping, but I am heading to lunch on the beach...can't go wrong with that!



  1. Hymnfest. I prefer more contemporary music in church. Of course my husband prefers hymns. It's the never ending battle of not making everyone at church happy with the music. :)

    Hey, the old people are going on a short trip this week to Door County. They haven't been away in years - the world might just end!

  2. With the amount Alex eats I am supprised he isn't taller!


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