Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's 8am and the boys are off to school, I've done my bible study (!) and I have a list of things to do today.

Matthew's trumpet needs to be repaired, so that needs to be dropped off. I need to buy some compost for a section of my garden and get that worked in, we are out of cat litter, and I have a 10am appointment with my very much needed chiropractor, who can hopefully realign my falling apart body.

Oh, and my car is disgusting.

I mean, REALLY disgusting.

So, she is going to have a bath.

Last night, after driving all the way to basketball and then learning it was cancelled, again, Alex and I made tuna casserole.

It's a family heirloom recipe from my mom, who I think it got it from my Aunt. So it is an OLD family recipe.


Now before you judge how disgusting this looks, and trust me, it looks worse in is really good, though M wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole unless God himself commanded him to. BUT he is eating schnitzel and drinking beer in Germany, so the rest of us are feasting, too.

When we 1st married, I could cook 2 things...this tuna casserole and hot dogs.

Sometimes, I would combine them for a truly tasty treat.

I, personally, think I was pretty well rounded.


After our lovely lo-cal supper, I made a cookie dough cheesecake because, well...I was bored.


I actually haven't tasted it, but it sure looks good!

Back to Wednesday. M and Matthew have landed and are in Erfurt. M got bumped up and actually had leg room on his flight, so he's a happy camper. Oh, and he bumped his son up, too.

Text messaging oceans apart is an amazing, amazing thing.

Well, I am off to shower and head out for the day. Brian has an early release day and will most likely bring a crowd home with him. No sports tonight, which means no driving, but Alex has been begging for Souplantation...another daddy favorite. Not.



  1. I'm glad the recipe worked out! I feel like it's shake n' bake, because in a distant way I feel like I helped! Enjoy!

  2. Wait! Are you calling my mom (your aunt) old?? That tuna casserole looks too cheddary compared to the one my mom makes. Could be the different types of cheese, though.

  3. Yeah most people don't use cheeze wiz in baking! :-p


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