Wednesday, May 28, 2008


You know, you can buy them all the toys in the world, but all you really need is a jump rope, a helmet and an old curtain rod.

OH, and a girl to climb the tree.


This entertained them yesterday for hours. Hours.

My new favorite breakfast...lemon curd on toast. A scone would taste better....much better, but oh well. Lemon curd is lemon curd. And me likes lemon curd!

Some days, like today, you just need to remember to breathe.

In and out. In and out.

Yet another meeting this morning at son #2's school, with a team of people who believe in him and want him to succeed. He just does not like school. At all. The greatest thing is that he has people blowing air underneath his wings and encouraging him to fly, even though he doesn't believe he can.

But he will. Fly that is.

I know that, without a doubt.

But, until he does...I am blowing lots and lots of air under those wings.


M and I decided lunch was out we went to Taco Rosa for a little lobster bisque followed by lobster tacos.

Lunch, with lobster, definitely helps.

A margarita would've been the perfect help, but that whole having to parent for the rest of the day thing made us think twice.

Brian just got home with a friend in tow. I am waiting for Matthew to come home...he's missing yet another class, but he must go to the DR and it was the only appt. I could get him. I am pretty sure he has strep and has been infecting every poor soul he's been near for the last few days. After, we'll go and get his tux for prom this weekend...not that we don't have a bunch floating around the house.

But, he's asked for a special one that makes him look 'mafia-ish'.

His word. Not mine.

Oh, and last night he received a sentinel award for music!


  1. Did they ever let the girl out of the tree?

    Remind son #2 that in order to play HS basket ball he needs a grade point average!

  2. Remind son #2 that he could end up like this xerxes guy - and that's SCARY!

  3. ummmm I thought Matthew said he was NOT getting a sentinal award! What the heck IS that anyway?

  4. It's an award given to the seniors who have remined sentient during their four years of high school.


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