Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

Last night...Sideshow.

Which is, I personally think, a very strange musical to choose for a high school to do. But they did...and they did it well.


Matthew and his 'pit' crew. These guys should be labeled trouble1, trouble2, and trouble3!

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning in my houseful of boys to discover that I was queen for the day.

Gotta love Mother's Day!

We went to church and then lunched at the In n Out drive thru...a cheeseburger with spread only, please. Home to change and then...and houseful worked in my garden! Them boys smelled a little like cow manure when they were done, but thanks to them, I am ready to plant this week.

After, Miss Sophie and the rest of her family came for supper. Kinda nice having all those men man the kitchen!

And yes, she is a keeper!

Logan ate spaghetti...

...and played the drums.

Cousins cuddled...

...and Maddie drove a car.

It was just one of those laid back, really relaxing days. Hmmmm....can we repeat that tomorrow?

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  1. I replaced our downstairs toilet for mother’s day!


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