Monday, May 19, 2008


Nothing like some one on one time with a scorpion...

...and group time with a boa.


Yesterday afternoon's game was amazing...Alex ROCKED and in the final game of the season, his team beat the team they have never been able to beat.

Way cool...even though it was over 100 in the gym.

Gotta love the smell of sweat!


After, we went (sigh) with the team to In n Out. (sigh)

Alex summed it up on the way home by saying, 'Mom, remember when you used to cook?'

Yeah, kinda sorta.


This morning, I began my day with a meeting at a certain child's school. Again. I'm beginning to think that they will miss me next year when he moves on to the high school.

OK, probably not, but I can dream.


After, I met a girlfriend for coffee and girl talk. Gotta love girl talk. Then, a stalking trip to Pier 1...the kind where you picked out something you just HAD to have, so you go back a few days later and see if you still like it?

Thankfully for my wallet, I didn't like it as much as I did.

On to pick up Matthew's trumpet, a stock up trip to Trader Joe's and a quick run in to Costco, if there is such a thing. Somewhere amongst all my errands I talked to M...he's been in Berlin the last few days and is heading to Prague tomorrow.

I miss them.

Anyway, I just did the drive to basketball practice and am going to make supper...shocker! Lemon shrimp with linguine, for my boys who love shrimp...hope I remember how to turn on the stove!


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