Thursday, May 22, 2008

Passing Time

The last few days have been busy in a not very busy way.

Does that make sense?

I am missing the rest of my is just SO quiet here. I normally like quiet...a lot...but this is a different kind of quiet. The linen closet and laundry room are clean, as well as Brian and Alex's closet. Oh, and the pantry has been cleaned out, too.

There's been a lot of non-quiet things happening, too...and let's just say that this is the 1st morning that I have not gotten a call from one of the schools regarding one of my sons.

Take a guess which one.


All is well. This too shall pass. What comes around, goes around. Life is short, eat dessert first.

I am sure one of the above quotes applies.

Today I am doing Meals on Wheels and then having lunch with Josephine. She's gotten too frail at 94 to take out...even with a wheelchair it is really hard to get her up into my car or down into M's car, so I will pick up food and bring it to her. The interesting thing is that today M and Matthew are at Auschwitz...Josephine is Polish and was in Poland during the war. She is an amazing, amazing woman and has the best stories to tell.

Tonight is basketball, though I am still waiting on a time. I'm leaning towards picking up chinese food since we'll be in the car already. The boys have early dismissal today and no school tomorrow...they're asking to go see the new Indiana Jones movie, so we may do that, too. Hmmm....maybe we'll pick up chinese and eat it IN the movie.

Last night, after helping both boys finish up big projects that were due today and getting them in bed, I curled up in my own bed (and I will miss sleeping smack dab in the middle with ALL the pillows!) and watched a fabulous movie...Three Coins in the Fountain. Fabulous. It's old and I had seen it years ago, so I snagged it on my last Costco run. Tonight? Roman Holiday. Isn't Audrey divine?


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