Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soggy and Cold

Really yummy cookies that I made yesterday....thank goodness for neighbors or I would've munched on them all night!

Pouring, pouring rain and it was COLD today!
We even had thunder!

While delivering meals there were huge puddles everywhere...of course when I left home it was cloudy with not a drop of rain in sight. I was soaked...but it smelled so good outside. I love that!

My dear friend, Josephine. It's been a rough week for her...she's now having some heart problems and isn't looking near as well as she did even a few weeks ago, but for 94 I think she looks incredible. And she is as sharp as a tack. We have a standing Thursday lunch date...we used to go out, but that has gotten harder, so now I bring in all her favorites. Today? A 'real' Chicago pizza with sausage and mushrooms, which in SoCal is impossible to find. But this was close...and she was happy.


The sun is now shining, but it is COLD outside. Alex has a late training session after all, so we'll pick up chinese food and hold off on the movie until tomorrow morning. I've got my eye on yet another cookie recipe, so I may make those later, too. I'm still planning on Roman Holiday later...watching while I play that stupid scrabble game online with Holly.

It's pretty pathetic when your cell phone rings and the person on the other end says 1 word.


Obviously, our husbands are out of town.


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