Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Far and Away

Passports in hand, my boys are off.

And I miss them so much already...


The house seems so still and quiet, even though this is how it normally is during the day. I am used to M traveling...but this time he has one of MY people with him. I kept telling him last night not to lose MY son, which Matthew...this is his 3rd trip to Europe in the last 8 years, thought was hilarious.


So, the rest of us have grand plans for the next 2 weeks.


I'll fill you all in as soon as I make them.


Tonight is a basketball night, but other than that, we'll be home. There is a fridge full of food, so tonight we'll have CORN...clean out refrigerator night. I'll probably bake cookies, too....just because.

Just because.

1 comment:

  1. What's the girl friend going to do for the next two weeks away from her love?!


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