Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing Much


I love Mondays, mainly because they are the calm following the chaos. I also love the weekends, because they are the chaos following the calm.

Strange, I know.

Most were up and out of the house early, though one is home with me today. Alex is feeling crummy and after being on the road all day yesterday with fellow sick players, I knew it was coming.

And why, oh why, did our games have to be so very far away in a time where gas is so very, very expensive?


I was thankful for my gas guzzler when the place we were playing (an hour from home) was on a street that was missing. Or at least the top of it was missing. I had to have Alex move some cones and we drove between all the bulldozers and other rather large equipment over a very, very rocky path to get us there.

Ah well, I am a woman driver. And proud of it.

Once again, I had a carload of boys...the same ones who were with me when I tried to run the security gate.

Woman. Driver.


M has a huge long day today, but after today it is winding down. Graduation is Friday night and I am beginning to think he'll make it. A little grumpier than when he started, but that'll go quickly away, especially once he is drinking his German beer. In Germany.

double sigh.

On to the plan for today. Let's see. There's laundry. Lots of it, actually. I did the ever needy floors already and the dishwasher is running for the 2nd time. Alex has had a 'lovingly made by mom' breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, which is a treat because I am not a breakfast maker unless it is for supper, which always reminds me why I am not a breakfast maker.

My husband, on the other hand, rocks at breakfast foods. Absolutely rocks, which leaves me joyously guilt-free. I also need to make a supper that can be eaten in 2 or 3 shifts because Jimmy is back in town and is coming over...and his request is something Italian. That'll be a struggle.


I am also speaking at MOPS again this week and the theme is Proverbs 31. Wow. Because as a new young mom...which is what MOPS is made up of, you don't have enough pressure to keep it all together.

So, instead of writing something insightful and inspiring, I am doing what I do best.

Blogging about nothing.

triple sigh.

OH, and in case you were all wondering, the kitties are doing very well. And I am sure you were all wondering.



  1. Your dishwasher is running? I thought the door broke off, or did you buy a new one?

    Grumpy kids? We should film Matt in the morning and put it on You Tube. It includes yelling and door slamming. Somehow he makes it to the bus stop every morning, and only allows 10 minutes to get up and out the door.

  2. The door is back on, thanks to a neighbor, some duct tape and a chair in just the right place! =0)


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