Saturday, October 27, 2007

Simple Saturday

It's just a lazy Saturday around here. This morning was chilly and the air was so fresh...we opened up the whole house. Michael even made Eggs Benedict for breakfast...YUM!

The neighborhood seemed to come alive in the late morning. All the kids came out to play and Brian was sooo happy. That's the problem with a tiny get housebound quickly. Fortunately, we have only a few weeks a year where we are stuck inside.

Michael and Matthew have been watching football...the BUFF's won! Always makes for a happy house. =0)

Alex and Brian are out playing with friends and unfortunately, we had to close everything up and turn on the air. Still smokey...sigh. Our backyard is disgusting...dead plants and ash everywhere, but it's just too big of a job for this weekend.

I took a walk today...all the way to my neighbors house. Slowly, but surely with a bunch of people who love to laugh. So fun...I just can't laugh and walk yet!!!! I kept thinking how far I've come in 1 week and that it's only going to get better.

Katharine showed up with supper for our family...can you believe it? How blessed we are! Her mashed potatoes are legendary, and I have a HUGE bowl of them warming in the oven. Plus steaks and bread and chopped it dinnertime yet?

Isn't this a cute idea for a pumpkin? I love it!

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