Monday, October 22, 2007

On Fire

Southern California is burning up.
The air quality is so is quite literally raining 'ash'. This is the color of the sky this afternoon:

The Irvine fire is south of us about 5 miles and is burning through the canyons. It is so dry here...we have had barely any rain this last year. It's hard to tell sometimes because our trees and our lawns are green (thanks, Dad in Northern CA for sending us all your water...your grandchildren appreciate it! =0) ) but it is bone dry here.


We came home last night and shortly after, a most amazing amount of GREAT food arrived at the door. It was so perfect! This morning M needed to run into work for a few hours, so Mary Poppins came and brought me tea. Sheila, do you do anything wrong? =0) Oh wait...she then brought me lunch, too. And dinner tonight? Taken care of.

Have I mentioned my neighborhood lately and how great it is?

Since I am on house arrest, my sister-in-law trekked over (and it was a trek...there was a major fire in between our houses!) with baby Logan, who looks so much like Brian when he was a baby that I am thinking Brian was cloned. Kath came by with tea, and once M got home, I napped a most glorious nap.

Life is so good. Dry and dusty and hot and windy, but life truly is good.

Back to the couch for me! =0)


  1. Those photos are really from your house? You REALLY need to move somewhere else - like the great midwest. We don't have earthquakes, no fires, but we get snow! Hope you're feeling better.

  2. You had better start packing up the drums...

  3. Hey, Xerxes, are you and you lovely family going to take them in if they are evacuated? Now that Liz, is away, you have space for another 5 people.


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