Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Michael x3

It's Hymnfest time and this years organist/guest conductor is Michael Burkhardt. Michael #1 (aka MY Michael) has been crazy busy getting his choirs ready because this year the concert is happening almost a month earlier than usual.

Michael #2 (as in Michael Burkhardt) flew in and we took him to dinner last night. He's such a fun guy with so many stories, so we headed to Nick's (of course!) and literally closed the place down. Pat came along, too...which meant for tons and tons of laughing. It felt so great to sit, talk and drink vino rosso while eating some amazingly perfect food.

And Michael #3 turned out to be our waiter. Hector is still in Mexico buying the land that we have helped finance with our dining habits, and Michael the waiter did a fine job in his place.


Today is Wednesday? Wednesday. I am so tired I cannot think straight...this insomnia thing is a bear, but I am catching up on my reading in the middle of the night. I made a plan to conquer 1 room a day and give it a good deep cleaning...the joys of living in a shoe, so today is the family room. I also have some tour stuff to work on for M and I need to make/cancel lots of appointments.

Brian has soccer afterschool and tonight we have a neighborhood meeting to pray for little Natalie. Supper will be simple...sausage, peppers and onions. I'll make a huge salad and some bread to go with it. I think I'll bake something, too...maybe some pumpkin bread.

OK...I need to go put on some LOUD music and get moving!

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