Saturday, October 13, 2007

Parties Galore

Last night was a very short night...for sleeping anyway.

Matthew had a dozen or so friends over for a Godfather party. They started out at the lagoon for a bonfire and made their way down the street about 7pm. Matthew requested spaghetti and meatballs, so that's what was on the menu. And salad and bread and cookies. They had fun eating and watching the movie and I was too busy to take a picture, but I am going to miss these guys next year.

His party ended a little before midnight, but the middle school girls sleep over was in full force next door. We even got ding dong ditched (actually it was knock, knock ditch since we have no doorbell) at 12:30am.

I think for the first time ever, we were out-partied. Unbelievable.

I then awoke to the glorious sound of rain last night. Rain on a Friday night/Saturday morning during the fall means there is a major possibly of no soccer on Saturday morn.


Of course, every other field in town was closed except ours, so at 9:15 am, there we were, freezing our butts off.

It was cold!

And the field was full of muddy pits. The boys were in heaven!

Gloomy skies, but no rain.

On the way! Isn't it beautiful?

M and I dropped Brian off at home, redirected Alex on some homework, said goodbye to Matthew, who is off to a rehearsal, and we then skipped town.

Not really.

But we did go grab lunch to go and went to see an Indie film that's been on our list. The movie is called 'Once' and once was plenty. It was actually pretty good, though we were able to recite the whole dialog back and forth on the way home.

The boys are now watching football and I am going to finish cleaning out my's time to find some long sleeves! Michael and Matthew have tickets for Manhattan Transfer, Brian has a birthday party from 3:30-9pm, so it is just me and Alex home tonight. He has lots of homework, but we'll catch up on Survivor and I'll let him talk me into making cookies.



  1. Manhattan Transfer! I didn't know those guys were still together.

    It's cool that one of your childern is willing to go see them. Although I suspect they will walk out on stage using walkers!


  2. How can you not have a doorbell? Though there are days I would like to disconnect ours and pretend we aren't home. Too many kids wanting to play video games - just wait til after Christmas - it will only get worse!


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