Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gussied Up

My little shoe all decorated for fall. Isn't she cute? Every year I buy a bail? bale? (gotta look that one up!) of hay and cornstalks for the front porch. This year the corn came from...drum roll, garden! Brings a tear to my eye! =0)

It's been a rather quiet morning here. I cleaned out the boys bathroom cabinets, threw all the stuff for Pepper Steak in the crockpot (not my favorite, but the male population in my house like it), delivered Meals on Wheels and watered the garden. The broccoli has sprouted and I just realized that I forgot to water the baby carrots. Oops...I'll need to go do that.

Gotta love it when I talk to myself!

And, in a moment of weakness, I baked giant molasses cookies for son #2. My charmer. The house smells so great right now...have I mentioned how much I love fall? The weather has changed and even though it is still warm, it's different now. The basket next to the couch is full of blankets, which we need since the family room window no longer shuts and it is quite chilly at night. The window can be wedged shut, but I don't want to do it until we have to because it will never open again. Our friend the realtor called and since housing prices are plummeting, every day there are more and more houses on the market that are now in our price range.

But alas, we are content to live with a furnace that we are hoping will turn on this winter and with a window that doesn't function as well as it used to. Last night I sat with my neighbors as we rallied to support little Natalie and I kept thinking, "How could we ever leave?"

It's simple. We don't want to.



  1. Can you at least open the front DOOR now?? =0)

  2. Chilly? James has a field trip to the apple orchard tomorrow - it's going to be about 83 degrees. Now if the Cubs could "heat" up a little. Last night was depressing. (they lost 3 to 1) Another night game tonight. Starts 9pm our time.

    If you buy another house, think of ALL the space the boys have to drop wet towels! More space- more to clean. More to heat, more to a/c. More things to break. :)

  3. There's a good idea, announce on the web for all to see that your window will not shut!

    Why would anyone in So Cal need a blanket? Are you all freezing to death when the temp hits 75?

  4. I'm sure in CA when it hits the 50's, they will look for snow! Maybe they should drive their convertible here for a vacation. Let's say... end of January. We'll show them what cold is.


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