Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Dream

Today...June 21, 2016, is our 30th wedding anniversary.  We woke up this morning in Maui and due to the fact that there is a 3 hour time difference and our body clocks are all out of whack, we woke up in time to watch the ocean wake up.

I. Can't. Even. Believe. It.

This place is fancy.  Turn down service fancy.  Every where we step in this resort, they greet us by name.  Our suite is the size of our first apartment 30 years ago...or maybe it's even bigger.  It's certainly nicer.

We're not fancy people but boy oh boy, it sure is easy to settle into.

The weeks leading up to our flight yesterday were rough.  Super rough.  Work was stressful for both of us...that guy that I like so much was trying to get his planning done for all of next school year and as much as we all love Christmas music around these parts, enough was enough was enough.  My work ended in a way that made me sad and I'm just choosing to close the door on it until we get home.  The dishwasher broke and the repair amount had us trying to decide what to do.  The first college tuition bill came and I'm worried and through all these things, I began to crumble.

I finally came to realize that it was spiritual warfare.

30 years ago, our marriage began in the midst of spiritual warfare.  We were SO young and SO poor and that whole phrase 'you can't eat love' is true after all.  People actually cried at our wedding...and not out of joy.


But you know what?  We were called on to trust from Day 1.  To lean on God and to lean on each other.  Leaning...it's a really good thing.

One day has turned into 10, 957 days.

10, 957 days of leaning.
10, 957 days of trusting.
10, 957 days of believing.
10, 957 days of us.

Not much has changed, while a whole lot has changed.

We still live a pretty simple life.  We still don't have a lot as far as worldly stuff.  We still live in a small place.  We still throw lots of parties.  We still laugh and cry and get frustrated and talk to each other a whole lot.  We've moved places, raised a family, we've traveled, we've decorated and redecorated, we've kept jobs and lost jobs, we've listened to a lot of music, we've prayed a whole heck of a lot.

Through it all...through the thick and the thin and the lean and the meaty and the good and the not so good, there has been one constant that has not changed.  For all 10, 957 days, there has been someone leading us, teaching us, loving and challenging and always guiding us.

These 10, 957 days would not have happened without God.

We dreamed of a big 30th anniversary trip.  We threw around ideas of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do and it all kept circling back to quiet.  We wanted to spend a week with waves and warm sand and cocktails and no agenda other than what time we'd be plopping ourselves on the beach under an umbrella.

We wanted time to rest and to just be. 

And so, we're going to be doing just that.  This trip is a splurge and we're going to settle in to each minute.  After all, day 10, 958 is tomorrow and after that the days will, hopefully, keep adding on.

There's no one else I would have wanted to do this journey with.  No one else whose hand I would have wanted to hold for all these days.  

And so this week, you'll know where to find us.  But don't call, unless it's an emergency.


30 years?  Wow.  

Here's to 30 more.



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