Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Is Close

Yet another big work project has come to a close - plus my east coast schools are now out for summer  vacation.  Having programs on both coasts is crazy but I really like's challenging and makes me think a little out of the box but boy oh boy, I'm so happy summer has come.

For my SoCal programs...summer is close.  Very, very close.  

I'm ready.

Nex week is a busy one.  I'm in a two-day meeting and then the youngest of our houseful of boys is graduating from high school.  In between there is still everyday life plus regular work, a graduation dinner, grad night and whatever else that comes our way.

It's all so bittersweet and I'm struggling a bit with this life change...I mean, what's next?  The quiet I've longed for and will soon have?  Is quiet all that it's cut out to be?

That guy that I like so much has a looser schedule these days and we've spent a few hours here and there grabbing lunches out and running errands.  The garden is more gorgeous this year than ever before and is so ready to be filled with people and music and yummy food and laughter.

Soon.  Summer is coming soon.

I'm struggling with all the hate that is being spread, too.  This election has me cringing and quite frankly, I'm tired of the emails and social media posts about all of it.  Friends are unfriending friends on facebook for having different beliefs and for being a different political party but really?  Even though I'm on their same side I am so tired of the hate.  I think this country we live in would not be the same if we only had one point of view and even if I don't agree,  can't we just agree to disagree?  Can't we, as grown up Americans who live in the land of the free, have a conversation and then break bread and drink some wine?

My life would be REALLY boring if I opened my garden to all those that shared only my beliefs in every single area of my life...religion, politics, ways to raise a family, bathroom accessibility.  Instead, I'm choosing to love.  And listen.  And laugh.  Maybe dance a little.  Pray a lot.

Pasta helps, too.  Gluten free, if requested.


We had considered a garden party last night but in the end, I was exhausted and had a little nudge to throw on a fancy top and some heels and feel just a bit like a girl.

And have someone else clean up the dishes.


That guy that I like so much scored us a reservation at Houston's and soon I was sipping a fancy cocktail and eating a thai steak and noodle salad that I just had to keep closing my eyes and thanking Jesus for the hands that had prepared this meal.  

It. Was. Perfect.

And needed.  Hello, weekend.

This morning I woke up and realized that for the first time in a long, long time, I had slept in past 6:00am.  It felt so good!  I'm currently sipping coffee out of my favorite mug and thinking about which trail I'm going to hike a little later this morning.  I'm doing some planning...I want a summer that has a bit of structure to it.  Lots of morning time with God.  Hikes.  Maybe, just maybe, some stamping of jewelry.

And a whole lotta dreaming.  I'm longing for my 'home' country...Italy.  Shopping in markets, strolling amongst the old, praying in quiet churches.  The best part about dreaming?  It's free.


I guess it's time to move a bit even though my couch is so comfy.  I'm thinking pesto sounds good and if I'm so inclined, an aperol spritz and some fresh pasta sound good too.  There is absolutely nothing on the calendar for today...but there is a ton of laundry to be done and thanks to all these pets (and boys), a whole lotta sweeping to be done.

All good stuff.  


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