Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

Late nights in the garden and late night texting with good friends who live far away which result in planning late night vacations.


 I live with the king of Saturday morning breakfasts.  


My winter garden is growing so well this year and I have made either a whole family or one big rabbit very, very happy.  All the broccoli and all the cauliflower have been eaten but whoever it is was gracious enough to leave the beets.


Time for a new fence before summer.

My hiking trail is making the transition from lush and green to dry and brown but in the middle of all that?  Miles and miles of wild yellow flowers.  

Friday night at our very favorite restaurant (Houston's)...it always ends up feeling like we've been on a vacation after we've eaten there.  They have the most incredible hot fudge sundae EVER and my oh my...it's soooo good.

Trust me.

Matching pjs.  Matching coffee cups. 

Different toes.


Spring in our little garden has me planning lots and lots of Friday night garden parties.  Summer is coming....right?

A cast iron skillet with a layer of caramelized onions, topped with potatoes and then heavy cream that was simmered with thyme and sage and was poured over the top.  Baked the whole thing until hot and bubbly and then watched as multiple boys with forks in their hands dove right in.

Grilled asparagus.  

I'm hungry...can you tell?

Sunday morning all five of us in a 'this happens hardly every anymore' morning found us all at our home church in the same pew.  No one was directing or singing or playing...all five of us just worshipping together.  

Even though they are grown, we still have to separate them....it'll probably still be that way when they are in their 40's.  Sigh.  

After?  A splurgy kinda brunch at Nicks on 2nd in Long Beach where the chilaquiles were phenomenal.  Fun to spoil the crew once in awhile.


Card games for the win.  Unless you're me. 

Oh well.

This morning I am dreaming of warm sand on my toes and instead I'm working my way through endless work emails.  This coffee cup helps...or hurts?


I'm going to spend a little time in the big garden today trying to fence out that hungry rabbit and then the pup and I are going to hike the trail...I'm trying to squeeze in as many hikes as I can before the snakes wake up from their winter slumber.

We've been on the go so much lately and tonight we're all going to be home at a normal time...that calls for a sit down supper together.  I'm hungry for something Italian (shocker)...maybe chicken marsala?  I'll have to see what speaks to me when I'm at the market a little bit later.

But first?  Some more work, a little bit of laundry and a lot more coffee.


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