Monday, April 25, 2016

The Loss of Wisdom

I've been feeling unsettled and disorganized and kinda sorta crazy the last few months and then it hit me:

there was no homemade chicken stock in the freezer. is the BEST therapy for beating the 'woe is me' syndrome that hits me every once in awhile.  And cooking something that makes the whole house smell good?



This past week I had a life changing moment....a moment where everything became clear.


A while back (as in a few months ago) I suddenly realized I couldn't read a gosh darn thing and that my vision had changed.  I handled it with grace and dignity for about 30 seconds and then I became a raging lunatic and told every single person I ran into that since I am now old, I can't see anymore.

Bu tthen on Saturday night, I took out my contacts (the hard kind, from the stone ages because they work for me) and noticed the little dot on my right contact was in the left contact case.  And then, being the bright bulb that I am, realized that I had somewhere along the way switched out the little buggars and was wearing them in the wrong eyes.

For reals.

But guess what?  I can see again!  


That guy that I like so much had his last big concerts of this school year this past weekend and his choir gave him the BEST GIFT EVER.  Seriously...summer is so much fun when you throw a bunch of gift cards in a box and pick them out randomly when looking for something to do.

I'm just the chick who does his laundry but I get to enjoy all the fun stuff.


So late on Saturday night following one of his big concerts, we went to our favorite late night dinner place and used that first lucky gift card.  We've been hit with a lot lately...a new fridge (thousands of $$) and a college deposit (thousands of $$) and wisdom teeth (thousands of $$) and the money tree in the backyard decided to not grow money and instead grow limes, as in tons and tons of limes.

But you know what?

Money is overrated.  Margaritas are not.  And we're going to be having lots and lots of margaritas come June.


Sunday morning I woke up and made a huge pot of gravy and an even huger amount of meatballs.  Some of those meatballs were thrown into a newly seasoned (by my oldest son who has a gift in that area) cast iron skillet and baked in some gravy until they were all hot and bubbly.

I'm thinking they were good since there was a hoard of males standing at the stove with forks, eating them right out of the pan.

Job security for me.


This morning we were out of the house early...the babe of the family had to have a rush job (sounds better than emergency) wisdom teeth removal.  Two of those puppies were causing a numb lip and the other two involved his sinuses (because nothing is routine when it comes to these boys) and he is, thankfully, sleeping off the anesthesia here at home now...because when he is awake he's miserable.

Poor guy.

He's been through a lot in the last few months and while I know this is routine and he'll heal quickly, could you say a little prayer for him?  This mama would appreciate it.


It's a blustery, chilly day in SoCal this morning and by chilly I mean it's in the mid 60's...that's like 10 below in the midwest.  We're hunkered in the house with lots of ice and netflix...Brian is so out of it that he hasn't realized that we're binge-watching the Gilmore Girls.

He'll catch on soon but until then it's all good.


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