Saturday, February 20, 2016

Oh Happy Day (It's the Weekend!)

I've been working crazy hours the last few weeks and I'm still staring at piles of paperwork that has to be done and I wish I had the kind of personality that could just let it go.  I'm trying, but it's hard...I'm just tired and feeling a bit beaten down with it all lately.  

I just need a good, old fashioned weekend...and good golly, it's here.


And while I'm the one complaining, that guy that I like so much is working more hours than I think is  physically possible of one human being...yet every night he comes home well after the sun has gone to sleep and smiles, pours himself a glass of wine and settles onto the couch next to me and asks me about my day.  This season, to put it mildly, is brutal...but there are such sweet blessings in there, too.  

Our little house on our little street has become this sanctuary of's a place where we can rest and recoup and just recharge our batteries.  But still, I'm dreaming of sandy beaches and warm sun and cocktails with umbrellas in them because man oh man, that sounds like the perfect way to recharge ones batteries...doesn't it?

Lent arrived and I found my mindset was already there.  My own journey to the cross is quiet this year...I'm finding myself tucked into dark, chilly churches throughout the week and just spending lots of still time with my Lord.  He is stretching me and I'm letting Him.

In other words...I'm listening.  Just listening.

I came out of the grocery store today and saw these two cars kissing...oops.  I actually stopped and prayed for the two people that would come out and find that this had's pretty obvious that the yellow jeep had forgotten to put their parking brake on but sheesh, we live in this world where a mistake is no longer a mistake but most often a chance to sue or disgrace or shame someone else because no one is ever allowed to just screw up now and then.

I don't know how this one played out but I'm praying there was grace involved...but in SoCal, people care a whole lot about how their cars look and so, well, my brain has the whole scenario worked out.

And once upon a time this happened to me once, a long time ago.  I was a new driver, didn't put my car in gear and while my car didn't roll into another car, it did back into a pole...but this could very well have been me.  Embarrassing? Yes.  On purpose?  No.  

This weekend is going to be an unplugging one for me.  That guy that I like so much has a Friday night recital, an event on campus for most of Saturday, church and a concert (2 hours away) with his choir on Sunday...I'm not quite sure how he's doing it but he is.  My plans are much more simple...laundry and garden time and some cooking.  

And a whole lotta time just hanging out at home.


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