Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Been Awhile

Lots going on around these parts lately and our little house on our little street is in the midst of a whole bunch of 'firsts of lasts'.   The youngest of our crew of boys is in his senior year and it's such a sweet, fun extremely busy time but that's par for the course.

As of today, our sporting days of wearing red are officially over.  Brian came back from a supposedly career ending injury and he, along with the 2 inch screw that is holding his wrist together, played in his last basketball game.  

I returned from Florida (more on that later) to that guy who I like so much...and his fabulous weekend breakfasts.  I missed him.  A lot.  This work trip was a busy one for me and I came home to a houseful of males who were super glad to me...mainly because they were hungry.

Job security.


 The Bronco's won and all is well in our world.

Have you ever prayed that a team would win because you wanted it so badly not for yourself...but for your middle born son??  Yeah...that was me.  

 We hosted our very last team dinner and I had this moment of sadness realizing that this stage is over...and then had to laugh when they all showed up for lunch the next day and then for dinner again a few nights later.

This little house isn't going anywhere and I'm realizing that there will always be someone around who needs to be fed.


We had an interesting conversation with our boys...a conversation about growing up in a little house and having to share bedrooms and bathrooms and not having a whole lot of space.  

Didn't seem to bug them.  I mean...not sure we could've changed it anyway because we live in what we can afford (unless that guy that I like so much would've had a big commute and I vetoed that early on) but they don't seem scarred by it or anything.

So I guess it's all good.

The youngest shrub is going to college and will be moving on campus in August.  He's interested in two completely different areas of study so we'll see what path he chooses.

But first...I'm just going to take one day at a time with him until he leaves because my momma heart is not quite sure how it's going to handle all of this when the time comes.

I've been escaping the chaos and taking long daily walks around our lake.  My brain is on overdrive and I am so thankful for the fact that I don't have to try and sort out all these thoughts that are swirling around my brain...that God just knows my prayers and takes all these different strings of things and forms them into something that makes sense.  

And lately I'm just resting in the fact that He knows me.  

How can this can he be a Senior already?  I mean, wasn't he just a little guy tagging along to all his big brothers games?  

Oh, how I've loved this ride...this raising boys ride.  I'm still on it but it's not the same ride as before.  The seatbelt doesn't need to be worn as tightly and the track doesn't seem to have as many ups and downs....but it's still racing along at a pretty fast pace.

 Fun seeing these two back in this gym, too.  They were once pretty big names here and to think that after high school they would start dating?  Kinda cool.


It was a really fun night.

Plus, we won.


I made an oldie but goodie the other night and fried up some thin cut pork chops.  Served them with a pasta and a big salad and the boys devoured them.  Made me feel like I was a kid again and while frying things in olive oil isn't the healthiest way to go, it sure is yummy. of my new favorites.

Thank you, Italy.

And then there was Valentine's Day.  I know many think it is an over commercialized holiday (and it is) and that people spend too much on this day (and they do) and that we should donate money to help those that need it (and we should) and that you shouldn't need a day to celebrate those that you love (and we don't) but here's the deal...I like an excuse to do something fun and out of the norm.  We're a couple of people who have raised (and are still raising) a whole bunch of boys who haven't always been easy and what the heck...let's go to dinner and share an expensive bottle of wine and laugh about life for just a bit.

So we did.  

And, because he can still surprise me...there was a little trip to that store that sells jewelry in simple blue boxes tied with white ribbons and has a movie name after it that begins 'breakfast at...'. I had never been inside one before and it was fun.  Really fun.  Can I end world hunger on my new pretty?  Probably not, but wow...I'm still crying.  This is a big year for us...a big birthday for me and a big anniversary for us and the youngest leaving for college but more than that, we still like each other.  (it's being sized but I'll share a picture when it's done...)

I'm still smiling.

And then we came home to a houseful.  We like them, too.  Getting away is good...but coming home is better.


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  1. Oh goodness, all things tears from this reader. Golly, so many things, so many ends, beginnings, and in betweens. Cheering (and crying)from your house to the 405N to an apartment across from a Hole Mole. Love you! Love trekking along with y'all on this journey.


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