Friday, January 8, 2016

Real Life

My girlfriend is in Hawaii and keeps sending beautiful pictures to of what her real life looks like right now.  Blue skies and fancy cocktails and sandy beaches and chickens and smily faces.

Here's my real life right now.  I like hers better:

It's been cold and rainy here which means a whole bunch of things in Southern CA but mainly, we can talk of nothing else.  Every time the rain comes it's all that can be talked about because it's such a foreign thing,  but I will say rained hard.  And for a long time.  

I've become a boot person and while my toes are warm and dry, they're already missing flip flops.  Wait a minute...wasn't I JUST complaining about how hot our summer was????

I've been bundling up and taking long, drizzly walks...the kind of walks where my brain can quiet a bit.  There hasn't been much quiet inside the walls of my little house even though most have returned to work and/or school.  It just seems like there is always something to be done...laundry and dishes and cooking and work and animals that it's just better for me to lace up my tennies and get some fresh air.

There were so many puddles yesterday and my feet were soaked by the time I got back home...I grumbled a bit at the beginning but then slowly found myself relaxing and holy cow, walking through  rain is such a cool thing.

Especially followed by a long, hot shower and a cup of tea.


There were a few minutes in the middle of my day yesterday, in between meetings and the need to be out and about for work...that guy that I like so much and I were on the phone and suddenly he and I and two of our boys were out to lunch for a bit. 

 Sounds lovely, but it wasn't.

I swung home to pick up the boys so we could drive together to go meet Michael but they decided to (and this is not unusual, sadly) take their sweet time (annoying me with every passing minute) and I kept asking them to hurry up (getting nicer every time...not) knowing we were on a pretty tight time frame.

But they did their thing, their annoying slow moving thing, and so I left them and drove by myself...all the while telling myself that in a perfect family they would have been listened the first time and I wouldn't had to have left.  They actually made it there soon after me and were very, very apologetic but still...they are old enough to know better. And once again I beat myself up over it because I should have taught them better...but I did teach them better, didn't I?

No awards for mothering.  Only guilt.  Pass me a cocktail.


 Here's to another week in the books.  The first full week of 2016...whoosh.  Brian has a basketball game tonight but he's still benched and not even suiting up so we're not going...I'm thinking we'll head to Disneyland for a few hours instead. 

Sounds like a nice kick off to the weekend.  Big plans tomorrow...I will be vacuuming right outside the boys bedrooms at a very early hour Saturday morning.  I'm most productive in the it's a bit of payback.  Make me wait and I'll interrupt your sleep.  


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