Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Quick Little Update

I'm still here...just a tad bit spread thin right now.  I had a big work thing happen and had to fix it and it caused me to work a lot of (unpaid, of course) overtime and on top of it life kept moving at at a record breaking pace and I was just trying to smile and sleep (occasionally) and keep this household running the way it should be run.  Kinda.

Deep, deep breath.

In the biggest news, the youngest shrub...the one with the two inch screw holding his wrist together, has been cleared for all activity.  Apparently my thoughts on this subject weren't taken into consideration.

Deep, deep breath.

My computer was running slow...the kind of slow where my morning routine resembled this:

turn on computer
unload dishwasher
make coffee
walk the dog
throw in a load of laundry
check's almost done!
take something for dinner out of freezer
chat with that guy that I like so much while he shaves
wake up Brian
pour coffee
it's ready!

That guy that I like so much ordered something for it and then my brother in law installed it and told me I was one step away from a major crash and I panicked (though everything is in the cloud, whatever that means) and now?

Turn on computer and it's on.

Whew.  But my morning routine is shot.


Matteo popped home last weekend and nothing, absolutely nothing, makes my heart pitter patter more than watching this trio of mine interact.  They're loud and funny and rude and big and I just like them all so very, very much.

Except when they're loud when I'm trying to sleep.  But that's ok.  I can be VERY loud in the early morning.


In the corner of the big garden there was a rogue radish...check this puppy out.  

I spent some time planting...blackberries (uh oh) and artichokes and brussels sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower and beets.  

Digging in dirt is the best therapy ever.

Food is being cooked and food is being eaten.  Easy stuff...pretty much anything that can be thrown in the oven and cooked all together.

I took all the leftover roasted vegetables from this meal and pureed them into a soup...potatoes and fennel and brussels sprouts and carrots.  Blended them until smooth and added them to homemade chicken stock and a splash of heavy cream, warmed it all gently together and it was the nastiest soup ever.

There's a reason why you haven't heard of brussels sprouts soup.

I tasted it and sent a boy to pick up a Costco pizza.


I blew out yet another dryer.  For reals.  Took EIGHT HOURS to dry two towels before I caught on.

It's now been repaired (but still is only warm) and my favorite appliance repair man told me to stop messing around and just buy a whirlpool and next time, I'm listening to him.  No more fancy brands.

But he replaced the coils (which he said burned out WAY too fast) which means we have another clog  near the roof.  The vent guys are coming today but last time this happened...well, animal control had to be called because the clog was a (GULP) roof rat.

I'm praying for regular old lint this time.  I'll keep y'all posted.

And yes...there's ANOTHER nerf dart on the floor.  They are flippin' everywhere.

Welcome to ahousefulofboys.

So the night that I made the nasty soup and sent the boy for pizza, the same night that the dryer wasn't working, I called my neighbor (who was really sick) and ended up at her house with a load of wet uniforms that had to be dried and ended up eating dinner at her house.  That guy that I like so much had a rehearsal and I was tired and grumpy and just wanted a home cooked meal.

Turkish neighbors, even when they aren't feeling well, still cook for their families.

I'm now changing my wishlist from 'I want a wife' to 'I want a Turkish wife'.


I interviewed and hired and trained an absurd amount of people in the last few weeks and I spent a whole lot of time at the golden's my favorite place to meet people.  

I end up smelling like french fries...but there are worse things.  

He's back, which means the parental unit is back to cheer him on...even if he sits on the bench.  

Guess what?

You don't get hurt while sitting on the bench and that's good because he's met his quota for sports injuries.


Let's see...dryer repairs.  Computer repairs.

Car repairs?


That cute convertible cost us $1,000 yesterday.

I threw on my ratty housewife sweater (which I love and actually thought was cute until I saw it in this is now the early morning dog walking sweater, thankyouverymuch) and we went for happy hour.

Except we missed happy hour and had to pay full price and after spending that much money...well, what's another few bucks anyway.

Amen.  Again.

My boys beloved Bronco's have done it again.  Yes, they are the underdogs.  Yes, I tried to get tickets.  Yes, I laughed when I saw the prices.

But there's always the winners parade at Disneyland after and if they win, we'll be there.  With Siri.

So that's it.  We're plugging along here.  There's more going on, too...Lent is starting next week and I'm ready for that time of spiritual quiet.  I've been praying 'on the fly'...while driving, in the shower, when the dryer broke.  So many prayers were answered this week and I haven't been giving the best of me...a dedicated, set amount of time each day. 

For now, it's another day to try again.


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