Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Recap

And just like that, the house is quiet.  All the hoopla, all the noise, all the dishes, all the chaos...Christmas of 2015 is now behind us.

 This morning I'm sitting on my couch, working my way through my 2nd cup of heavily caffeinated coffee.  I'm making lists...oh how I love a good list, of things I'd like to start and things I'd like to finish.

The garden needs to be planted this week and my body needs to be reacquainted with movement.  The house needs to be deep cleaned and the outside freezer gone through before shopping.

But the top of the list?

Some quiet time.

I had one night with my trio all home at the same time and now it's just the older two.  Brian is away at a basketball tournament...he can't play but is a great water boy and wanted to be there with his team.  His next X-ray is next week and maybe, just maybe, the cast will come off and physical therapy will start.

That's the hope.

Our little house on our little street was full to the brim, the food was plentiful and sleep was, as usual when there's fun stuff going on,  at a premium.  

We're all in a bit of post-holiday exhaustion.  It's worth it...but we're all yawning.

I wanted to be more intentional this Christmas...I wanted to sit back and really be a part of everything and not running around like a crazy person and I actually feel like I accomplished that.  I feel like time is racing forward and I wanted to experience the joy along with everyone else.

I got up very early every morning this whole Christmas season, made myself some coffee and spent some time reading...I spent time with Luke chapter 2 and with the stories of Esther and of Ruth...but also read my beloved Psalms.  

That calm time before the chaos helped me feel firmly planted this season...and because of that things just seemed to fall in to place throughout the day.

A calm mama is a much better mama.


I wanted things to be seamless...for all who enter this little house to feel like they were at home.  I wanted there to be a spirit about this space...a spirit of peace and calm.  

Giving older boys nerf guns for Christmas didn't add to that.


I kept to a system this year as far as the gifts we gave the boys...they each received something they needed, something they wanted, something fun and silly and something that would help them out a bit.  

It kept things a bit simpler and made me feel like everything under the tree was...and here's my word again, intentionally thought out.  

That guy that I like so much though?  He spoiled me.


When our boys were young, we always had them shop for each other and they are all good in the giving department.  It's not the's the thought and my oh my, they were hilarious this year.

They make me laugh.


 It was strange to not have our oldest home on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning, but as a musician his busiest seasons (and the best paying ones) are the big holidays.  He flew in just as we finished Christmas dinner and then we started all over again.

 That's all I wanted for Christmas...time with all three together.  I know that always won't be the case so I'm soaking up these times.  

I like them too much to not do whatever possible to fit in to their busy lives.

Sorry guys, you're stuck with me.


So now, I'm still enjoying the lights and the tree but I'm feeling the shift begin...the shift to a clean, uncluttered house.  Our tree, while still beautiful, is one step away from being a major fire hazard and my electric bill just came which tells me that it's time to unplug our brightly lit little house sooner rather than later.

Maybe tomorrow.

I'm craving fresh, healthy food too.  Oh my...I overdid on the cookies this year and I'm feeling it.  I'm thinking a big salad for lunch and something simple for supper...maybe even just a roast chicken with lots of veggies.

I'm now not even sure I'll even get dressed today...all the clean up can wait and so can the garden.

Sounds like a plan.


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