Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Is Here


It's here.


I do have to laugh at the fact that summer arrived and with it, the youngest son's crazy schedule.  It's a season of firsts of lasts in our little house on our little street and we're soaking it all up as much as our tired selves are allowing.

It's our final summer (after 12 straight summers) of having a boy play either high school sports (or perform in a drum and bugle corps) and while our backsides are going to be relieved to not be sitting in bleachers almost every single day, our hearts are going to miss cheering these boys of ours on while they do what they love.

A season of firsts of lasts.

So, in the 3 days since summer has arrived, we have had 6 basketball games, Father's Day, church and one very, very special day.

Those two cool cats below?

Yeah...that's us.  Me and that guy that I like so much.  On Sunday we celebrated 29 years of marriage.



Happy Anniversary to us.

 Thanks to some rather amazing gift cards, we had a fancy schmancy dinner at a fancy schmancy, way out of our price range dinner.  Cocktails (I had a blueberry lemon drop that was outrageously great) and wine and great food and then...a little candle in a little cake.

I'm still full.

This morning I was up super early...I had forgotten to turn my arms off on my phone.  How funny is that?  Anyway, I got up, spent some time praying and working on a summer bible study I'm starting, did a load of laundry, drank a few cups of coffee (they discontinued my amaretto hoo), worked in the big garden for an hour or so, did some more laundry and now we're off to an away basketball game followed by dinner at one of our favorite hole in the wall, non chain burger places.

I'm dreaming of cooking.  And of deep cleaning my little house...and maybe painting, too.  There are all sorts of boys (and girls!) in and out all summer long and I'm feeling this sense of peace and calm like I haven't for a long while.

Hello, summer.  Let's get this party started.


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