Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Settling Into Summer

I've spent the last few day working in the big garden, building new beds, repairing fences, shoveling dirt and finally planting a few things.  I'm late in the game but that's just how it goes sometimes, but come the end of summer there will be tomatoes and peppers and pumpkins and watermelons and beets and radishes and cucumbers and zucchini and eggplant and beans.


Sometimes you just need to write things out to prove you've accomplished something.  

My great Grandfather is the dude in the picture above, sporting a cool pair of shades.  My Uncle tells of him meeting me and that makes my heart happy even if I don't remember that time.  I've been dreaming a lot about those that are gone...my Grandparents and those before them and of course, my own dad.  

It's hard to know when to forgive ourselves, when to let go.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wishes things had been different or if I'd done more and I have to keep reminding myself of one really, really big word.


This God of mine...wow.  He just keeps giving and giving.  

So this afternoon, when my brain began to play those crazy games that it tends to do whenever I slow down long enough for it to do so, I cooked.  I made homemade, from scratch, ricotta cheese and hung it to drain over my kitchen sink.  I made pizzas and rolled that dough out nice and thin and roasted tomatoes and grated cheese and sipped wine while that guy that I like so much grilled everything up.

Busy hands make for a happy heart...or something like that.  But for me, it's true.

One boy, who is using us as his mailing address this summer, as well as a place to store his bicycle and trumpets, is somewhere in SoCal for the week and we're going to see him not once, but twice.  One boy is in LA taking a big test and another boy is heading up north to Lake Tahoe for a basketball tournament.

Everyone is spread out and the house is rather quiet.  And clean, which is a shocker.  I've got grand plans....plans to paint and clean and launder and, well, so far I've watched more than my share of hallmark movies.



In the small garden we have an issue...a big issue.  The grapes (according to our wine making friend who we called with an SOS) got wet with dew and have mildewed...so if you come over and see moldy grapes hanging from the vine then you know what's up.


But that's kinda who we are...3/4 put together and 1/4 moldy grapes hanging from the vine.


Tomorrow is more of the same.  More cleaning, more cooking, more waiting, more praying, more resting and more settling into summer.  But the biggest thing?  More sleeping...not so much in more hours of sleep but just sleeping past 5:00am is a treat.  Of course I've been up a few minutes after that anyway but there's just something about waking up on your own versus waking up to an alarm.

It's the grooviest part about summer.


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