Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Birthday

Last week was a happy week.

It was my birthday.


I like birthday's...mine, yours, dogs, cats.  Doesn't matter to me.  I just feel like life is worth celebrating.

The older I get...and I'm getting older, the more I like them.

There was a small garden party and a breakfast out and a lunch out and a fancy dinner out and a lunch at my girlfriends.  It was one big food fest.  

I got lots of fun things too...but people, let me tell you.  I got a disco ball.  Like, a real, light up, dance the night away disco ball.  I'm still laughing about it and that guy that I like so much is still cringing...which makes it even more fun.


Lots of little stuff happening around these parts.  One boy is trying to figure things out.  Another boy is waiting for a decision to be made.  Another boy is making plans for the future.  That guy that I likes so much is almost (almost!) on summer break.  I am, too...but I have a another month or so before I am officially off.

 Our house has been a bit full lately...almost like there is a revolving door for a front door.  I'll admit, I like that.  I like that we are 'the' house.  I like that we have 'the' garden.  But then again, I like that there are times of quiet and calm and still.

I'm striving to find a bit of quiet each day and that is my resolution for this coming year of my life.  To take a few minutes each day...a few minutes without a phone in my hand or music playing or the tv on.  A few minutes to just sit in the quiet and let God read my heart...to take all the jumbled stuff that I can't quite figure out how to say out loud and let him just handle.

My other resolution?  To start back on my life changing thyroid meds which I stopped taking a few months ago.  Turns out that's not such a good idea and I've learned my lesson well.  So until the dosage is right I am a hyper, jumpy mess who is extremely thankful for my hiking trail.

 So far into this new year it's all good.  I'm still dwelling on relationships that I can't change and dwelling on the ones I have because overanalyzing things is what I do best.  I just want one big happy, sappy life and you know what?  Sometimes you just have to let go.  Everything I wrote earlier?

I need to focus on that.

Here's to a new year.  This is the last year of a decade for me and I'm going to take it for a ride.


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