Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 (and a disturbing story)

Mother's Day 2015.  

There were gifts and flowers and this adorable vase that I guess I'll tell you about but please, fasten your seat belts.  It's a crazy one.

So a few years ago my girlfriend had a big 'ole surprise birthday party.  There were a bazillion people there, including my boys and all their friends, and great music and speeches and food and a DISCO BALL and, well...gallons upon gallons of alcohol for the over 21 crowd.

The night started out great.  Lots of dancing and singing and we had so much fun and then things turned a bit blurry.  I'm not sure how many cocktails were consumed but there is a video out there of me belly dancing...and then I twirled and twirled and twirled and walked right out the door.  That guy that I like so much ran after me and somehow I ended up at home but all that is, like I said, a little blurry...and the video will forever remain in the vault.

I'm blaming the disco ball.
The next morning was a Sunday and I rolled out of bed and zig zagged myself to the bathroom when I noticed that not only was I still fully dressed in my party clothes, but I was still wearing my high heels.

I was wearing my shoes all. night. long.

That guy that I like so much didn't even take off my shoes.  20 some years of marriage and you'd have thought he'd at least take my shoes off??

That morning was rough.  I showered, we climbed into the car and went to church and afterwards went to lunch.  I wasn't feeling so hot and then I realized that it was Father's Day.  Oops.  But then I remembered the whole not removing the shoe thing and I looked at him and said (in a kinda monotone voice) 'Happy Father's Day...but then again,  EVERY day is Father's Day'.

Not my finest moment but seriously, I slept in my shoes.

That party, and the after effects, are the stuff legends (and endless stories) are made of.  And every Father's Day and every Mother's Day...well, now we just laugh and remind each other that every day IS our day.

And PS.  No, I'll never let him forget.  It's just too good a story to let it go away.
And PPS.  Disco balls rock.  I got one for my birthday.


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