Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Anniversary

 This weekend we celebrated.  Well, we tend to celebrate something or other every weekend, but this past weekend we celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss.  

We're no longer kids, no longer young (or as young), no longer naive to what life will be like.  We've lived different places and had multiple boys and added various pets.  

It's a ride...and I'm glad we're on it together.


Matthew has left for the summer and Alex was gone for the weekend, so pizza was bought for Brian and his friends back at home while we headed to one of our favorite haunts.  Dinner was...healing, especially after the week I had just come out of.  We shared a pizza and some sparkling wine and talked about life and love and highs and lows and sin and forgiveness.  We talked about friendships and love and the past and the future.

We pretty much covered the gamut over the course of that pizza and that bottle of wine.  That's the beauty of a relationship that's been around for a while...you never run out of things to talk about.


We then moved on to real food and a real (great) bottle of wine.

Life is good.  We are blessed.


A walk afterwards was needed and we found ourselves shopping for a few little things...some fancy lotion for me (origins ginger soufflé...my favorite) and a shirt for that guy that I like so much.  Home to watch House of Cards (totally addicted!) while sharing a totally incredible dessert and it was a rather perfect way to spend a day.

I like him.  A lot.

I'm looking forward to year 29.


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