Monday, May 19, 2014

Where I've Been...In A Nutshell

Two weeks ago, we hopped a plane.

With these puppies in hand.  And 92 other people in tow.

Helloooo Italy.


I drank dozens of espresso doppio's.  With two sugars, please.

Visited lots of churches.

Heard amazing music performed by that guy that I like so much's students in places most people just read about.

Climbed this tower...400 steps up!

And this tower, which was shrimpy at only 292 steps up.

 Ate the BEST lunch ever.  Italian street food rocks.

Travelled with this babe, who hadn't been to Europe since he was 6.  He still travels like a dream child and can eat his weight in pizza.

Gorged every single morning on warm sugared croissants slathered with Italian nutella.

And, sigh, gained TEN POUNDS on this trip.

(It was worth it, but still...)

Took no fewer than 100 selfies.


100's of them.  

 Lit candles in every church I walked in to.  

Rediscovered my love for color.

No way am I painting my house white anytime soon.


Celebrated that guy that I like so much's milestone birthday in Venice.  Ditched the group, spent a lovely night at a sweet hotel and splurged on Beliini's at Harry's Bar.

More details to come but for now?  I'm back to work,  there is more laundry than you could ever imagine,  the pets are clingy, the garden is crisp and there is no food in the house.

Home is sweet...and while my heart is here, it is here because of my people.  The other part of my heart belongs there and every time I go back, it feels more like home.  It felt so amazing to share my love for Italy with people I love so very, very much.

Was it all easy?  Nope.  But I'm feeling blessed.  Very, very blessed.


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