Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not Sleeping Much

Nothing much to share around here...the days begin early, as usual, but have an extra little jolt thrown in (literally) because Brian drives us both to his school at 5:30am.

Who needs coffee?  


Sleep has been nonexistent around these parts...I fall asleep just fine and then at 1:30am, like clock work, I am wide awake.  Or at least my brain is wide awake.  Sometimes I get up, sometimes I don't, but I seem to just doze on and off until the alarm goes off at 5:00am.


Today the big garden is being planted...not the best of times as it has been HOT here.  Like really hot.  97 yesterday and windier than all get out.  Hot again today but this garden is already late and I've got a car full of lumber waiting to be built into raised beds.

Having a houseful of boys?


That guy that I like so much?  Working day in and day out.  I start early; he works late.  We're like ships passing in the night.  His summer vacation is soon to begin; mine is not too far behind...I can handle crazy schedules as long as I know there is a break coming at some point.

And the break is coming soon.


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