Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Opening Weekend

Ah...the weekend.

The sun shined brightly on SoCal...not just shined but spread it's warmth.  The pup and I have become hiking partners...he needs (and enjoys) the long, hard walks and I like the distraction he brings during miles 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The distraction from complaining, whining, whimpering and full out screaming.

He's a good distraction.


By Friday I was tired.  Tired of work, which seems to be almost overwhelmingly busy right now.  Tired of a dirty house.  Tired of sleeplessness that always seems to come in the middle of the night.  Tired of the leaking washing machine.

Just kinda tired.

That guy that I like so much?  He's working 7 days a week, pretty much until May, and is beyond tired.  His boss, the Big Guy (that would be God, in case you were wondering), is pushing him hard, asking for a lot, not letting up.

My guy is tired, too.

The weekend began with a long hike followed by what I wanted more than anything...a warm meal prepared by someone other than me.  And put on the table by someone who I didn't have to tip.

The boys and I went to my neighbors, where my new favorite dish of all times was set in front of me...moussaka.  Warm, creamy, eggplanty...oh my.

A moment of silence, please.  


The perfect Friday night...friends, food, lots of boys, an old friend who joined us, husbands who wandered in late from working long and hard.  

Oh...and wine.

Saturday morning that guy that I like so much was long gone when I got a text from Matthew inventing me to lunch.  Moms out there...trust me.  When your kid lets start growing up, they become human again.  They stop demanding sandwiches and socks and rides places and they start asking to meet up for lunch.

I'm 1/3 of the way there...and I'll take it.

Alex tagged along, we drove to the circle in Orange and lunched at Felix's...just me and my older two boys.  Oh, how I love watching them together.  Oh, how short I've become.


And yep...91 degrees.  Spring, my friends, has sprung.

Saturday night, that guy that I like so much and I went out for a fancy dinner at The Bungalow in Corona Del Mar.  Great food, fun vibe, a wait staff that seemed to want to hurry us out of there.

Hate that...but the truffled mac n cheese was out. of. this. world.


Sunday night, while cooking supper, I was texting my neighbor and convinced her to come for a glass of wine.  My little supper then stretched to feed 9...with a crowd of boys eating every leftover from my fridge. 

It was so impromtu, so perfect...just some of my favorite people sitting in the garden the night before we all had to begin an incredibly busy week. 

It didn't matter though...for just a few short hours it felt like summer.  The music was playing and there was some dancing and maybe, just maybe we shouldn't have opened that extra bottle of wine...but who cares.

The garden is now officially open for the season.  Come one; come all.


That being said...Monday was a bit rough.  The time change brings great darkness early, early in the mornings...which makes it harder to be up and out of the house.  

I can't help but smile though...the garden is open.


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