Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend recap

 I was interrupted during my Friday night happy hour with girlfriends (at a fancy schmancy place that served fancy schmancy cocktails) with a text message from that guy that I like so much.

It said, and I quote, 'check your calendar.'

So I did.

 He had made dinner reservations for later that night at Maggiano's...and who am I to argue?  Well, usually I do...but this time I didn't.


A late night, grown-up dinner date on a friday night?


 Frankly, there can't be enough happy hours and dinners out and anything else you can throw my way.  Take one boy, give him a broken foot which keeps him from driving, working, having any amount of freedom and he is, well, driving me batty.  


He has crutches and a wheel chair and a really, really loud voice...and I have the patience of a gnat.  Actually, I have tons of patience while he is sleeping...because while he is sleeping he is not standing and attempting to walk on a cast that isn't meant to be walked on, which means I nag and he gets annoyed and then I get more annoyed and on and on and on until we load ourselves up in the car and go for a drive somewhere just to get out of the house.

Let me just say this.  Thank God for drive-thru's.  

Saturday was clean up day...the laundry room, the linen closet, the pantry, the Halloween decorations.  I was seriously on a roll...until my neighbor invited me over for a glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon.  I practically sprinted over there, shared a bottle of wine and spent the rest of the afternoon watching hallmark channel movies with not an ounce of guilt...the house was clean, after all, and supper was in the oven.

It was a lovely, lovely day.

Sunday...breakfast (scrambled eggs, roasted asparagus, homemade chocolate chip muffins which I accidentally put too much oil in...oops) followed by church followed by football followed by naps for all.

Another lovely, lovely day.

It doesn't happen often, but this weekend was the perfect combination of nothing going on and lots going on.  Kinda nice having Monday off, too...hiked, cooked, took another drive to a drive-thru (today was Sonic...half price slushes between 2-4pm) and just hung with my boys.

Back to reality on Tuesday.


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