Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trying To Do It All

This morning I went to work, which means that I rolled out of bed in the darkness of the early morning, made a pot of coffee, and sat at my kitchen table with my computer.  My shoulder was bothering me thanks to a rather rowdy encounter with a yoga instructor, so I made my way to the chiropractor for a little laser therapy, a lecture about what my 40-something year old body should be and shouldn't be doing and a rather groovy tape job up and down my back.

That KT tape?  

My favorite thing ever.

My day continued, the pantry was cleaned out, another pot of coffee was made (that amaretto creamer is SO GOOD), work issues handled, meals planned, 3 miles run on the treadmill, X-ray films picked up and delivered to another office for yet another opinion, two loads of laundry were done.

A girlfriend texted for a late lunch so off I went and by the time I sat down with her, all I could think about were all the things I hadn't done.  I shared my heart with her, telling her what a crummy wife and mother I am...that I just feel like I'm failing at it all.  My bed still wasn't made (and hadn't been since Sunday, truth be told),  I have a boy at home who can't drive, can't walk, can't work and he's bored and sad and driving me crazy, I have a pile of work that I haven't touched, my refrigerator has things growing in it.

She listened, laughed, and made me see the big picture...none of us can do it all.  No house is ever clean enough, Alex's injury is temporary, that life is better lived in the present rather than in the somedays and the what if's.  

Basically, stop beating myself up, order a cappuccino, take a walk in the park, say a prayer of thanks.


Supper was picked up at Costco; calzone's for the boys (that guy that I like so much is working every night this week and isn't home for supper) and a bottle of wine for me.  A piece of toasted bread with olive oil, a string cheese and one glorious, perfect, delicious piece of See's candy rounded out my meal.  

My bed never got made and I forgot to buy cat food, but that's what tomorrow is for.  


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