Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Girls Weekend

I noticed the leaves disappearing from my beautiful tomato plants and then....then I noticed that my tomatoes were disappearing too.

This worm...this ginormous worm, he ate it all.  

I guess I should be happy...he left me with the stems.  How generous of him.

Next year, I won't be so nice about it but for this year?  Well, the damage is done.

My girlfriend Tammy came for the weekend and us girls spent a LOT of time on the beach.  I am thankful for girl time and feel so ready to tackle life now...it was a really, really great weekend.

Naps on the beach?  The best.

Alex and his friends went on a weekend adventure to San Francisco and saw Paul McCartney perform...I love that they kept sending along pictures.  


Brian loves Tammy.  I love Tammy.  We all love Tammy.

Seriously...can I be her when I grow up???

Play time is over and it's back to work time. Sort of, anyway.  Brian has asked for a beach day tomorrow...life's rough, but I guess I'll have to take him.


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