Monday, June 10, 2013

Alrighty, Alrighty

The fact is, I have two crazy weeks left of work before summer vacation begins...two crazy weeks where I am doing two different jobs for my company.  These last few months have been pretty fun, pretty exhausting, pretty stressful...but overall, I like where I work and I like what I do.

But I'm ready for summer.


Here's the latest:

Brian was sick last week.  As in, really sick.  The flu hit him hard and no, he didn't have a flu shot.  We hung out at home and watched lots and lots of movies.  Poor thing missed a whole week of school which is no fun, but oh well.  It's his freshman year, he has (or had) good grades, so what can you do?  It it what it is.

Saturday morning breakfast...a sausage and veggie frittata and almond croissants, eaten in the garden.


A trip to Cost Plus, where that guy that I like so much spied something he'd like.


And we, for the 7th year in a row, drooled over these chairs.  I just want one, any color.


Think they'd notice if we just sat in theirs every night around happy hour?


A really yummy supper involving a rack of pork, garlic smashed potatoes and a bottle of cabernet.

Happiness amongst all the coughing in our little house on our little street.

My biggest boy came home for the night.


Best thing ever.


We had to take out an azalea tree but were left with a cherub who loves the sun.  

Me too.

Three rather tall and thrilled boys on an early Sunday morning.

They were happier after church when we fed them Portillo's.  Just keepin' it real.

As for me?  I was fed, in a big way, at church.  Love hearing God's word.

The kitchen counter in my little house on my little street.  Minus the codeine, which tastes better straight out of the fridge.

Sort of.

In the state I live in, high school kids have to pass a physical fitness test.  Matthew didn't have to take it, Alex failed because he couldn't touch his toes and now Brian apparently 'needs improvement' in the weight category.  Have you seen my boy?  The boy who is all muscle?  The boy who is more athletic than anyone I know?

I am livid.

Beyond livid.

Not even sure where to go from here, but I cannot sit back and let this go.  No wonder people have complexes about themselves.  

(And FYI...Brian doesn't know about this.  We chose not to share it with him because he would be upset.)

I have ways of coping with anger and they all involve food.  


Either make bread or make this time it was pasta.

Kneading things is very therapeutic and makes me...calmer.

Sunday supper...a shredded beef ragu with homemade fettucine.


Hope you all had a good weekend.  


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