Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almost Vacation

My first day of summer vacation...well, technically it's not until Wednesday but I had worked really hard to be done with everything so that I didn't really have to work today and tomorrow, was not much of a vacation.  I ended up handling problems at work and finishing up some last minute stuff but tomorrow afternoon it will officially be vacation when I meet with my boss and hand off my work phone for the summer.

I did, however, nap in my napping chair in the garden.  And made supper for my neighbors, who yesterday threw a party for 60 and were absolutely exhausted.  It felt good to bless someone else...we seem to be blessed by others so often that it felt good to pay it forward.


My summer will be spent blessing my home.  I think 'blessing my home' sounds better than cleaning all the crud out that we have collected and stored and don't ever use.  My plan is to handle one room a week and another blessing?  Not too many rooms in my little house on my little street, so it's completely doable.

I keep getting distracted, though...by things like a beignet mix.  If I can't go to New Orleans, well, New Orleans can come to me.

My shop is closed now and even that feels good.  I had some last minute orders to finish up and now,  I'm thinking, it will be quiet.  Quiet means I have time to get organized again, fix the email problems I've been having, make pretty things for some people that I love.

Love that.

 Still thinking about the Cyprian food we had last night.  Fried chicken with this pasta with shredded halumi cheese and mint.


 This afternoon, in between a nap and the cooking of supper (sausage, peppers and onions with cacio e pepe on the side), I sat in the garden and had a bit of beer.

On a Monday.

At 4:24pm.

But you know what they say...it's always 5:00 somewhere.

After supper?  A cappuccino.  I love a good cappuccino, with one sugar please.  If I'm feeling fancy, a sprinkle of cinnamon.  In all honesty (sorry, honey), I like them best in a cup with a saucer...but hey, I'm really not picky.

Tastes the same...just looks pretty.  

And now...I'm off to sleep.  


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