Friday, April 19, 2013

Normal Life Stuff

It was a good day today...busy and full but not too busy and full that I lost track of what's important.  Meaning, I did a few loads of laundry in between work meetings.  I cooked dinner ahead of time and had it warming so that all my boys could eat before church choir and training and practice while I ran off for a hair appointment.  I showered, quickly, while my work phone was downloading messages so that during the lull between 5:45am and 6:00am when my work becomes 'live', I could spend some quiet time reading and praying.

it was just one of those days where I felt very...centered.

The funny thing is that the kitchen is a wreck.  My bed never got made.  The floors are sticky.

But tonight, when all those things could have been done...well, instead I spent an hour on the phone with my cousin.  And then I played Wedding Dash on my iPad while watching Everyone Loves Raymond with my boys.  

Today I just lived life.  Normal life.  It wasn't all picture perfect but it was simple and ordinary and good.  Tomorrow there will be time to clean up the kitchen and finish the laundry and sweep the floors.


Brian's new favorite Pandora station is in 'Hey Mom!  Have you ever heard of a group called Aerosmith?  They're really good!' and so tonight I introduced him to Guns N Roses and we sang, loudly, all the way home from his practice.  The kid has got good taste in music....and he thinks I do, too.


This weekend is packed full...Brian has his first basketball game of Spring season, we're going to Turkish breakfast (yay! my favorite!) on Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday are big concerts for that guy that I like so much, we're hosting his Seniors for supper on Sunday night, and there's all the prepping and planning and primping that go with most of those things.'s all good stuff.  Fun stuff.  Not burdensome stuff.  Real, ordinary, good, living life stuff.


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