Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Early Mornings

A little after 5 in the morning, this is what you'll find me doing.

Staring at a computer screen while the rest of the world sleeps.

A little while later, usually after a few cups of coffee, I blink and the world is awake.

And then I yawn, stretch, and begin the 'real' part of my day...the part that involves things like feeding boys and laundering the clothes of boys and cleaning up after boys and driving boys.  

Multi tasking at it's best.


By the end of the day I am usually running on fumes.  The kind of fumes that are easily fed by some good tunes on the wifi and an itty bitty cocktail.

See that lemon?  It's from our tree, which apparently is experiencing some sort of DNA change (really. the guy at the garden center said so.) and producing funkily shaped fruit.  They still taste really good (great, actually) but they look kinda claws.

Weird. take a lemon wedge and dip it in some sugar.  You then take a swig of ice cold vodka and then immediately suck on the sugared lemon.  And then make a funny face because it's really sour. And then smile because it tastes really, really good.  And then repeat, but only're still parents after all.


The weather in SoCal?  The weather I complained and moaned and groaned about all winter long?  80 degrees today.  Flip flops, a cute new top and a fresh pedicure.

Summer. Is. Close.

I can feel it.

That cute new top?  When I took it off tonight I saw that I wore the price tag under my arm all. day. long.  Costco.  The grocery store.  A pedicure.  The car wash.  The Catholic church down the street that I popped into to pray and ended up talking to the priest all about Rome instead.

Price tag hanging under my arm.

Classy.  That's me.

Today, it turns out, is National Sibling Day.

These, my friends, are my munchkins back in the day.  Yes, we really did have a brunette, a blond and a redhead...all from the same parental unit.  I loved those days and sometimes I wish I could go back to the simplicity of our lives back then...but the funny thing is that I didn't feel like it was simple back then.  Interesting how your perspective changes, isn't it?


Happy Wednesday.  

It's almost the weekend.


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