Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Trip Away

This week...I'm away.

I left, with one packed bag, on a jet plane.

A jet plane to the place of my birth.

I arrived and have been sipping cocktails and catching up with family and visiting places that need to be visited and sleeping in a super comfy bed.


Just me.  

I'm visiting my family and doing super fun, yet crazy, things...like knocking on the doors of my childhood homes and meeting the people who now live there (in our defense...the house was listed as 'for sale by owner', so that makes it ok???) and making friends with them.

We're all a bit strange.


But mainly, it's been lots and lots of girl time.

Much, much needed girl time for this mama who lives with a bunch of boys.

I'm feeling rested and relaxed and whole...I think it's important to do trips like this now and again to recharge and reconnect.

The boys back home?  Well, let's just say that I am pretty sure it will be a bit of work to put the house back together...but that's ok.  Lots and lots of bonding happening...good for them and good for me.


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